Software Engineering

Let our experienced software engineers work together with you on developing software system which best suited your requirement


Custom Made Solutions

Fully Customized ERP, MRP, Inventory System, POS System, Business Tracking System & More taylor-made Systems that best fit your business nature.


On-Demand Web Application

We have vast experience in developing custom on-demand web solution to suit our client's needs and within budget.


Our Software Development Projects

Innovans Palm Industries Sdn Bhd - Logistic & Transportation Management System
TY Lorry Transport Sdn Bhd - Logistic & Transportation Management System
Toray Plastic Malaysia - Document Control System
Tropical Consolidated Corporation Sdn. Bhd. - ERP System
Pantai Hospital Penang - Auto SMS Appointment Reminder System
Paradigm Precision Components Sdn. Bhd. - CNC Machine NC Program File Control And Transfer System
DNC Software - CNC Machine NC Program File Control And Transfer System
TC BOY Marketing Sdn Bhd - Stock Inventory, Billing & Accounting System
Pantai Hospital Penang - e-Rostering System
Metrio Consturction Sdn Bhd - Time Attendance System
Grand Venture Technology Sdn Bhd - Document Control System
Grand Venture Technology Sdn Bhd - Equipment Tracking System
Grand Venture Technology Sdn Bhd - MES (Manufacturing Execution System)
Metrio Consturction Sdn Bhd - Sub Con Claim Management System
Tong Yong Metal Sdn Bhd - Project Tracking System
Mun Chuen transport Sdn Bhd - Logistic & Transportation Management System
Wiritrans Sdn Bhd - Logistic & Transportation Management System
Get There Services Sdn Bhd - Logistic & Transportation Management System
East Coast Multi-Services Sdn Bhd - Logistic Management System & Warehouse Management System
Shingko Paper Cartons (M) Sdn. Bhd. - Custom Made/Taylor Made ERP System
Eng Thai Transport (M) Sdn. Bhd. - Logistic Transportation Management Software System
Cobizco Food Industries Sdn. Bhd. - Multi Level Marketing Binary System
Venture Electronics Services (M) Sdn Bhd - TLMZ Matching System
Motorola IDEN Knowledge Base System (Web Based System)
Motorola Prototype Tools Request System (Web Based System)
Motorola File Upload System (Web Based System)
Motorola Auto Radio Firware Flash Tool (Custom Made Software)
NEC PC Recovery Tool (Custom Made Software)
NEC Recovery DVD Creator (Custom Made Software)
NEC MFKB Utility (Custom Made Software)
NEC Boot Image Changer (Custom Made Software)
Teleplan Data Eraser (Custom Made Software)
Teleplan HD Model Change (Custom Made Software)
Teleplan Bugs Tracking System (Web Based System)
HR Glorious Management - Myanmar One Business Directory
Kedah Coastal Transport & Trading CO. Sdn Bhd - Logistic Transportation Management Software & ERP System
Jeen Huat Food Industries Sdn Bhd - ERP System
LivYoung Lifestyle Sdn. Bhd. - Customized POS System
SY Plastic Industries Sdn Bhd - ERP System
OG Uniform Sdn Bhd - ERP System
Texline Lino Sdn Bhd - ERP System
KIMSTAHL Specialty Metals Sdn Bhd, PENANG - ERP System
Mattel Malaysia Sdn Bhd - Online E-Learning Packages
Sun Global Technology Sdn Bhd - Sun Global Online Sales & Inventory Portal
Tru Trans Sdn Bhd - ISS Shipment Tracking System
Power Reward Card - Power Reward Card MLM(Multi-Level Markerting) Point Reward System
Restorant Samudera - Restaurant Management System
Pelaris Edar Sdn. Bhd. - Inter-Kibfg Pail Tracking System
Hong Hua Bookshop & Trading Sdn Bhd - ERP System
The Gifts - Time Attendance & Payroll System
Persatuan Nelayan Negeri Kedah - Kibfg Pail Tracking System
Preco Supply Sdn Bhd - EDI Invoice Generation Tool
MyAeroSpace Safety Management System (Web Based System)
Tshirtking Online Tshirt Design Software (Custom Made Software)
Tshirtking Product Tracking System (Web Based System)
Gmaster Agency Fish Crate Tracking System (Web Based System)
Eonmetal Web Based Milling Machine Dashboard (Web Based System)
Shunza Technology Enterprise - Shunza Service & Support Tracking System
And More....

Our Knowledge

We have extensive working knowledge of working with clients in Malaysia, United States, Singapore and Asia on Both Business & Manufacturing Production Sector.