Logistic & Transportation Management Software System

Logistic & Transportation Management Software System is a combination of Consignment, Creditor, Debtor, Lorry Truck, Driver, Warehousing, inventory and sales billing module. Qubit is a leading provider of comprehensive and user-friendly logistics software solutions. We provide software for companies of all sizes within the Logistic & Transportation Industry

Consignment Module

Create consignment note for consignment order. email and print consignment note.

Lorry Truck Module

Manage your lorry truck and generate profit and loss of each truck.

Lorry Truck Driver Module

Manage your lorry truck driver, calculate commission wages for each trip as well as expenses and loory driver claims

Billing Module

Generate invoice for consignment job. print and email capable.

Accounting Module

Direct integration of creditor and debtor account with your consingment system. generate profit and loss report, trial balance and ledger ststement.

Creditor Module

Manage your creditor and credit note, debit note and voucher, aging and statement

Debtor Module

Manage your debtor and invoices, credit note, debit note and voucher, aging and statement

Warehouse Module

Manage your warehouse of goods received in warehouse, provide warehouse goods aging report, integrate with consignment system

Inventory Module

Manage your inventory of purchased item and usage of inventory items, plus stock summary and low level stock reporting

Security Module

Create user account with level access control, audit trail on user activities and action.

Multi Location Module

manage multiple location or branch in a single system

Benefits of Logisitic Management Software System

1. Breaks down communication barriers between departments

2. All company transaction are stored in one database

3. Provides company management with 100% of corporate data for better decision making

4. Provides employees with the ability to gather information more effectively and efficiently.

5. Increased productivity per employee / department / organization

6. Improved customer response times

7. Eliminates multiple data entry points

8. Improves supply chain flow

9. Improved monitoring capabilities

10. Provides a true representation of the overall health of the organization

11. Highlights specific problem areas within the organization

12. Complete paper trail of all transactions within the organization.

13. Instant P&L by customer, product, sales rep, product line, branch, warehouse, etc.

14. Decreased time spent with month end / quarter end / year end reporting.

15. Cash collection time increases.

16. AR aging decrease.

17. Increased inventorya d warehouse management capabilities