Mass Mailing

Our popular group email software is currently helping people s to send stylish newsletters, promote awesome products and strengthen important relationships. What will you use it for?

Email Newsletter Software

GroupMail email newsletter software and autoresponder makes it easy to create, send and manage mass email newsletter and marketing campaigns right from your computer. No monthly cost or per email fees.

Easy list management

Create any number of email lists and contacts. Import recipients from practically any data source and easily manage new email subscriptions, bounces and unsubscribe requests.

Privacy. Guaranteed.

Don't rely on others to safeguard your important customer data. All of your email list and message data is stored safely and securely on your own computer for complete peace of mind…

Real-time email tracking

Find out who is opening your newsletter and clicking on the links in your email. Compare email campaigns to improve your results over time. Export reports or create login access for those important clients.

Popular CRM Integration

Link GroupMail to popular list management products like ACT!, MS Access, Excel, Outlook, SQL Server, Oracle, Clipper/Dbase, FileMaker, GoldMine, MySQL and others.

HTML Design Freedom

Use the WYSIWYG message editor, import your own email designs or use one of our stylish templates to get you started in seconds. No website or HTML design skills are needed.