What Is Membership System

It's a fast-changing world and if you want to get new members while holding onto the ones you've got, you need every edge you can get. Having a good membership systems software is practically a requirement to stay competitive, but there's still a lot of choice out there. You need software that's forward-looking and will be ready for the next wave of new enrollments before they arrive.

So, here are five of the top trends in online membership systems. If you're looking to upgrade, here are some of the features you need!

Social media integration: Social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn have become the new    driving force in the Internet. You need software that connects to them, allowing your members    to form new social networks within your group, while still maintaining their outside contacts.

Going mobile: Mobile Internet usage is growing rapidly, and it's unlikely to stop any time soon.    Analysts are already talking about the coming "Post-PC world," when most average users'    needs will be met by smartphones and tablets. You need to be ready for it.

Online marketplaces: Having an online marketplace is an easy way to turn your membership    into a thriving economic community, and helps you make a little money on the side. If your    group starts selling to and hiring each other preferentially, they'll become that much more    cohesive.

E-billing: This benefits you and your members. Members will enjoy the ease of being able to pay    instantly, or even make use of auto-billing to reduce the pain of paying their dues, and you'll    enjoy instant direct payments without having to make trips to the bank.

Integrated reporting: Good membership systems software allows you to combine your member    lists, marketing efforts, and billing reports into a single system. You can do it all in one place, or    export to common formats like Excel when it's necessary.


In short, membership systems today should be all about making life easier for both you and your members. Make it simple for them to log in from anywhere, and reduce your own overhead in dealing with membership administration.