MLM System

When it comes to MLM software you need more than a compensation calculator. Although the compensation calculations are critical and need to run accurately an fast they are just one aspect of the modern MLM software system.

Equally important is the ability to trade in multiple currencies and languages, automate incentives and recognition, book and manage events, deal with customer queries and communicate with your team.

NetReady offers you MLM Software that designed for blue chip companies running hundreds of thousands of member and processing millions of transactions.

If you are big, we are your best and only choice. If you are a start-up or small company we provide a version of the MLM Software that you can grow into over time.

The system features:

• Localisation

All aspects of localisation are catered for including language, tax, currency and product selection.

• Compensation Plans

Binary, Matrix, Unilevel, Hybrid, Stair-Step-Breakaway, 2 x 2 Follow Me Matrix and any combination of these.

• Replicated Websites

Every team member receives a replicated website with dedicated online sales and marketing systems.

• Distributor Back Office

To manage you must be able to measure. Each distributor is provided with extensive reporting on all aspects of his business.

• Genealogies

NetReady provides the ability to track multiple genealogies. A member's sponsor, placement and additional network positions can all be tracked.

• Recurring Orders

Recurring orders is a key method of generating recurring revenue for your company and commissionable volume for your distributors. There are multiple schedule options (e.g. ship weekly, monthly, etc.)

• Shopping Cart

All aspects of online shopping are managed through our powerful e-commerce module.

• Registration and Validation

You may determine what members must purchase, what they may opt to purchase and what data they are required to provide.

• Commissions

Run, close and pay commissions weekly or monthly. Automate payment though an e-wallet system.

• Report System

We provide a reporting tool that will allow you to produce an unlimited number of company reports and to filter your data any way you choose.

• Shipping Management

Pre-integrated with FedEx, UPS, USPS & DHL. Any non-integrated options you choose are defined and will override the presets, set shipping costs,packaging & handling fees and more.

• Communication

NetReady comes with a Bulk Mailer, Newsletter, News, Calendar, Event & FAQ systems. You can edit all of the notifications directly from the application.

• Website Management

Manage your menus, add/edit pages, drag 'n drop content, upload images, documents, videos and flash and configure languages and more.

• User Management

Search, add, edit and delete and move a member within their tree structure and update their profile.

• Security

Establish security rolls and provide password protected segmented access to the system. Each staff and network member can receive a highly configurable view of the site and the data. The site is protected by SSL encryption.

• Payment Management

Integrated to credit card gateways and much more.

• Sales Tax Management

All taxation is localised and configurable.

• E-Learning

Ensure that your team is fully trained by implementing the e-learning system.