What Is Time Attendance, Leave and Payroll System

This cutting edge technology system integrates Finger Print Scanning technology to track employees IN or OUT of the office. Since finger print of a person does not match with any other person, it becomes necessary for any employee to be physically present.

This will mark the end of Punch Card or Magnetic Card era of tracking time and attendance. This has also solved the age old problem of false or proxy punching by employees. Therefore, this system will help management improve employee performance. Combined with our powerful Payroll system it can produce employee related analytical reports with extreme ease and accuracy.


• Leave Management

• Lunch In-Out / Official In-Out / Personal In-Out

• Overtime Management

• Individual Leave/Weekend/shift Setting

• Personal Information System

• Monthly Attendance / Monthly Attendance Summary / Yearly Attendance Summary

• Daily Attendance Report / Daily Attendance Summary

• Daily Absent Report

• Leave Report/Monthly Leave Detail/Yearly Leave Summary

• Daily / Monthly Worked Hours Report

• Personal In-Out/Official In-Out Report

• Late Report

• Travel Record

• Training Record